If you have read the title to this blog article then you know what I’m about to talk about. The question is do you know who Khaliq-O-Vision is or what Hypnotic Music Secrets are? Chances are you probably don’t, that is unless you are an industry pro who has been around for many years and you have worked with him or you are one of his many students whom he has lectured to and mentored through one of his many Webinar sessions or Industry events. Well for those of you new to the field (at least on a higher level) chances are you may have discovered one of his many instructional videos or heard about him through a friend. Nevertheless, the new generation of up and coming audio tech engineers/producers know their new mentor as (and mine too) Khaliq Glover – but we all refer to him “Khaliq-O-Vision.” This is by his choice of course. Actually, I kinda like it. It sounds like a new music genre or something…

I was able to attend his first ever live video engineering class on Friday June 29th. (Pointer: If you plan on taking the class (and you should) I think if you are a newbie, you should consider getting his book, “Hypnotic Music Secrets” first so that you will have a headstart on some of the topics he will be discussing.) It’s only about $15 and well worth it for the price. And just so you know, he goes over lots of different problem areas concerning audio engineering that I’m sure the young producer/engineer who wants to expand their knowledge will benefit. Here are some of the topics he will discuss:

1. Keys to Success while Mixing (Where to Start)
2. Adding Effects to Tracks
3. Mixing Vocals
4. High/Low Frequency (making proper adjustments)
5. Monitoring Your Session
6. Midrange
7. How to Solve Problems
8. Mixing for the Black – What does this mean?
9. Panning
10. Rough Mixes
11. MS Techniques
12. Parallel Compression
13. What Plugins Does Khaliq Use (he will discuss)
14. Frequency Splitting
15. Using Filters
16. The “Vision” System and “Hypnotic Music Secrets”
17. Arrangement
18. Ear-ology
19. Reaching your Sonic goal
20. Alias-ing
21. Boosting
22. Shelving
23. Instruments – best practices
24. Plus many many more TIP/TRICKS to get you to become a master
25. Khaliq’s Personal list of Resources

Honestly, there was so much that took place and he talked about so many different subjects as it relates to today’s music world during the five hour studio session, I can’t believe I learned so much. I literally would have to write a book to mention it all. But I think I will leave that to Khaliq. Being a newbie, its really hard sometimes to know what, if at all, you are doing wrong, or what you could do better until an experienced person shows you the way….. well I must say we got an experienced person alright. I can’t wait until the next session. This class is surely for anyone wanting to learn mixing (beginners) as well as those who have a good understanding about the field but want to take their “mix” to the next level and further, for those wanting to be able to compete with the big boys. Khaliq will guide you the way. So don’t worry you won’t be the only newbie in the class. He has so much skill and insight that he has learned over the past 30 years and he is eager and willing to teach, so enjoy!

Likes About the Session:
I really enjoyed the time in the studio with the other musicians – everyone was so friendly. The atmosphere was great and everyone was so enthusiastic about what we were learning. Spending that amount of detailed time with Khaliq and his assistant was enlightening. I am truly grateful that he took his time at explaining the concepts to us until we were satisfied before he went on to the next subject. One of the guys actually mixed some of the song. The song was from his assistant – it was a track by a jazz singer – it was actually pretty nice. By the end of the night everyone knew the lyrics and was singing it, now I’m gonna find her on Facebook and give her a shot out!!! We worked with a lot of plugins and he went into detail about frequency…. there were so many tip and areas he discussed. He gave us his list (practically everything under the sun) and he further explained what he normally uses (and in what kind of situation) and why. That’s one thing I will say about Khaliq – “he knows his stuff” – and he aint afraid to explain it to you over and over.

He loaded the song and then went step by step on what we should do first and helping us to determine what the process should be. It’s amazing, now when I hear music, I’m listening differently now. The way we think about “music” is a big part of the way in which we should organize ourselves. There were some “great” questions asked which helped everyone. I highly recommend attending this class.

Dislikes About the Session:
I believe a class as detailed as this should be limited to no more than 6-8 people. I think there were about 15 people in our class, not really sure on the exact number. It will ensure that everyone gets a chance to sit at the mixing board and go through the mechanics of working with the mix and learn. Only a few got to do it in our class. Other than that, everything went smoothly. Time went by so fast I couldn’t believe it was over.

Guest Speaker – Dave Hampton:
Dave Hampton – creator and developer of Reptone monitors was Khaliq’s guest speaker. You can read all about the Reptone Monitors at From what he was telling us in class, these are the “originals” – anyone wishing to achieve a solid high quality mix should seriously consider using these to do their final mix. These are around $300 so I am seriously considering giving these a try. By the way, Dave is a world class professional too. You can get all the details about his monitors at his site as well as his bio and information about his previous and well as upcoming projects. More importantly, the dvd video from this class is available online. The link is below.

For those of you who still don’t know who Khaliq Glover is or what Hypnotic Music Secrets are all about; you can check him out here; Thanks for reading.


Here are some reasons why you should hire Khaliq Glover:
Grammy Winning Engineer
Mixing Specialist
Top “A List” Clientele (include Prince, Herbie Hancock, and Marcus Miller)
25+ Years Experience
Pro Tools HD3 Accel
Fat Analog Sound
“Old School” Techniques
“New School” Thump
Production Services
Surround Sound Services
Room Tuning & Analysis
Pro Audio Consultation
Professional, Courteous, and Friendly

taken from
Khaliq has worked on “We Are The World” written by Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder and performed by an All-Star Cast which was the highest point that I’ll remember so far in my career. He was lucky enough to be one of many engineers who helped out on that project, and because it wasrecorded at Lion Share Studios where he worked, he got to see it grow from the very beginning of tracking all the way through mixing. It was Incredible. The All-Star Vocal session held at A & M Studios was just a one day snapshot of a much larger marathon.

Watching Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie take apart the lyrics so that they would have the most impact was totally amazing. Every single word and syllable was examined right there in the studio and I heard them voice their reasoning behind changing one word that would make all the difference in how the world would respond.

Watching Quincy Jones instruct and guide everyone but at the same time, letting the professionals that he hired do their thing too. That’s why he hired them. But he was so observant, that he could come in and change a sharp here, an eighth note there, and make it all gel together. He knew exactly what needed to be done for the final polish.

Over the years, he has seen certain patterns re-appear time and time again. One of the biggest SECRETS is that they don’t ever fall in love with one part. They will mute or erase it in a heartbeat and not feel that it has to be used just because it was recorded and you really like what you or they did. If it doesn’t Easily Fit into the song during mixing, It’s out of here. A small but crucial tactic that will make all the difference in power and clarity.

Khaliq has a wealth of knowledge that he wants to pass on. I’m in for the ride. He is dedicated to helping you and other producer engineers to stop guessing about their music. Even though no one can guarantee a hit record, there are certain concepts, approaches, tips, and formulas that will increase your chances.” And Khaliq is solely focused on providing the new generation with this much needed guidance and advise.

So take it from me – for the little amount of money he is charging you gotta get registered as soon as possible for the next class. I guarantee you too will discover the hypnotic music secrets and be on your way to something fabulous!!

Thanks Khaliq – You’re the Best!!!!
See you guys at the next class.
MS Entertainment
(213) 563-7510


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Michelle on Facebook – Join Me!!



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News article segments from “The Wrap” All Rights Reserved.

“Think Like a Man”
No. 1 at Box Office Earns $33 Million

Think Like a Man - Poster

Think Like a Man - Poster


Published: April 22, 2012 @ 8:44 am, The Wrap (scene from the Think Like a Man)
By Todd Cunningham

The Weekend Finally came – and boy did it take forever.   I couldn’t wait to see the much anticipated Steve Harvey Flick that he and his crew have been talking about for such a long time; not to mention that I auditioned for a part but obviously didn’t get it.  Nevertheless, I am such a Steve Harvey Fan, and an advocate of self production by means of “getting your butt out there and doing your own films” just like the experts tell us.  I was so excited Steve decided to put his story on the big screen for the world to experience.  It’s one thing to read the book that everybody is talking about (which I have) and talk about it to your friends; and its another thing to see the movie being played out on the big screen in living color.  Now I can say “IF YOU LOVED THE BOOK” then please get out and go see the movie for sure, its truly for everyone.

Meagan Good

Meagan Good


It was truly refreshing to know that Sony Screen Gems has taken a chance on this great film project especially since they ususally go for those really big epic movies with budgets over $50 or more. It’s hard for smaller urban oriented projects to make it into the theater, let alone get funding especially now days.  Well its official the box office winner this weekend is “Think Like a Man” – it has ended the month-long box office reign of “The Hunger Games” and they did it in style, earning an estimated $33 million in its debut weekend. YEAH!!

Pictured here is Steve Harvey, his wife Marjorie, and lead actor Terrence Jenkins.

Lets take a moment and relish the fact that this weekend belonged to “Think Like a Man,” and lets do our best to share the news with the world.  Take a moment and tell all your friends and family members about how important it is to go out and support “our movies.”  Use your facebook pages, Twitter, Myspace and any other social networking sites you have to get the word out.  I’m sure Steve Harvey and the crew/the Sony Team and everyone who worked on this project with his production team are extremely elated. I’m glad Sony took a chance on nearly all-Black ensemble/romantic comedy, based on advice which was written in Steve’s book which was previously published.  It seems everybody is trying to get a copy of it.  The book was definitely a best seller list and is currently available at Wal-Mart.

I was doing a little research and it appears as though the movie has earned well passed the expected studio estimate of $24 million to an astounding $33.  This is great! So we definitely want to continue to get out there and show support and go see the movie next week as well.


Here is the box office chart by The Wrap.

The movie is a basically about the journey of four young beautiful women who seek out fulfillment in their relationships; however, they can’t do it alone.  Somehow they encounter Steve’s book as their weapon of choice in hopes that it will serve as an answer to their problems.  Lets face it Relationships are hard.  This is where the mind games begin.  I won’t really say much more than that – you will just have to see the movie for yourself.  Lots of laughs – and I mean real laughs.  It’s definitely a date movie; a movie for the family; great for girlfriends or male friends to hang out; its something in there for everyone (young and old), especially those who are young at heart.

Tim Story directs this project from a script prepared by Keith Merryman and David A. Newman. Will Packer the mega producer (Tois, 1-2-3, Motives) is on hand as producer. This romantic comedy stars Romany Malco, Gabrielle Union, Regina Hall, Meagan Good, Taraji P. Henson, Michael Ealy and Kevin Hart, La La Anthony, Steve Harvey, and Jennifer Lewis.  There were numerous guest stars as well including Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, (actress Director) Angela Gibbs, Lunelle, Bruce Bruce, and so many other familiar artists in the African American entertainment community.  Did you know that more than 60 percent of those who saw the film were over 30, but both males and audiences under 25 gave the film an A+ with Cinemascore.

When I went to see the movie the first few screenings were sold out so I had to come back later.  When I came back and got my ticket (just barely) I went in the theater and all the seats were full.  I almost had to leave because there was nowhere to sit.  Finally somebody gave me a seat.  Then about half way through the movie – I almost got put out. The lady next to me got mad at me … she said I was laughing to loud….can you believe that?  It was some of that uncontrollable laughter that sorta comes out of nowhere….you know what I’m talking about(*&^%$#.  On well what can I say?)   Some scenes were just so damn funny…. I was literally in tears.  I will have to go see it again because there was a lot I missed because people were busy laughing and talking out loud.

You can expect some great performances namely by Regina Hall, Taraj P. Henson, Kevin Hart, Gary Owen, Meagan Good. My favorite comedy moments were by Kevin Hart, Gary Owen, Romany Malco, Chris Brown, Wendy Williams, J. Anthony Brown.  Believe me WHEN YOU GO SEE THE MOVIE YOU WILL REMEMBER THIS MOVIE FOR A LONG TIME.

Okay, until next time….we will see you at the movies.. Oh I almost forgot; don’t forget to check out the great soundtrack featuring Jennifer Hudson; NeYo, Rick Ross and others!!







tel: (213) 563-7510


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INTRODUCING AVIS! “Live Jazz Festivals Around The World (Album Review)

INTRODUCING AVIS! “Live Jazz Festivals Around The World (Album Review)
With The Jimmy McConnell Orchestra

AAH Number One Music Entertainment

Review by MS Entertainment

Ladies and Gentlemen – The “Queen of Versatility” Avis Harrell is back with a new hit Album, entitled “Introducing Avis!” Live Jazz Festivals Around The World (With The Jimmy McConnell Orchestra) for your listening enjoyment.  I was able to get a copy before it hit the shelves, so I’m here to give you the scoop on this new project from Ms. Avis Harrell.

As many of you know, Album Reviews are one of my favorite things to add to my blog, because I get a chance to bring some really great music to the forefront and expose the world to Artists that are rising stars. This review will especially be a treat, because Avis Harrell is not only a rising Popular solo R&B star, but she is also an internationally known artist with many credits to her name.  In addition to her huge body of work behind her and her many personal and professional achievements – Avis continues to dedicate herself to her first love, “Music.” As an artist she is in a class all by herself.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Here’s Avis.


“Introducing Avis – Live Jazz Festivals Around the World” the new much talked about Jazz musical production of International known Recording Artist Avis Harrell will hit stores soon. This CD is a collection of some of her favorite jazz standards.  Avis tells me that she came up with the idea of doing such an important piece of work after viewing some of her favorite video performances on tape and thought it would a be great idea to use some of the introductions of some famous friends of hers who brought her to the stage as part of the upcoming music project, hence the title “Introducing Avis.”  When you hear this new CD you will be delighted with a stellar experience.  Let me say that I loved listening to the songs.  I found myself singing along instantly.

CD Cover

Introducing Avis! Live Jazz Festivals Around The World (CD Cover)

CD performances include recordings from numerous LIVE shows by Avis performing along side The Jimmy McConnell Orchestra throughout her career.  The song selection was carefully chosen to showcase her unique style and versatility.  I love Jazz music and have quickly added this to my top list of “what to listen to” when I’m driving. It puts me at ease for sure.

“The Way You Look Tonight” is the first song on the record and it had me singing along right from the beginning. You can actually hear the crowd go wild!  Dubbed a “Powerhouse” performer, Avis exudes grace and beauty, style and personality with this selection of well recorded performances.  Performing live is always a challenge especially with a big orchestra, but Avis seems to do it effortlessly.  Be forewarned there are no hip-hop songs on this disc. So if that’s what you want, you may want to search the Internet. This CD is full of soon to be classic musical performances by Avis Harrell.

Introducing Avis! (Back CD Cover)

Introducing Avis! (Back CD Cover)

The infectious “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore” will surely get you to tapping your feet.  She sounds really great on this track, just a like a true Jazz legend.  You can’t deny the performance.  If that wasn’t enough, Avis brings on the real showmanship with covers of some famous tunes from American music, including Etta James’s “At Last”, Billie Holiday’s “God Bless The Child”, Sammy Cahn’s song “All The Way” – you can definitely see that Avis has long lasting talent. These songs are known all over the world and when she performs them she brings them to life and the audience to their feet.  “Bewitched Bother & Bewildered” is a listening favorite – its shows her sultry side and is one of those songs that should be played when you want to have a late night dinner with the special someone for sure.  Her delivery on this tune is uncanny.  It’s the icing on the cake for lovers in the mood. Probably my favorite is to Track #9 (“Travlin’ Blues”), Ray Charles…he introduces Avis and the Raelettes.  No doubt they received a standing ovation but you need to hear it for yourself.  A True Classic!!  If you have the blues don’t worry you won’t after you listen to the her inspirational and uplifting performance.  Ray Charles simply loved Avis, and so do we! She is a true music Queen!!

The Orchestra is conducted by the legendary Jimmy McConnell who is a veteran in the classic Jazz world. Avis has been working and performing with him for many years now and their chemistry on this Live CD is remarkable.  The accompaniment is like cream, so smooth to listen to.  Other voices who appear on the CD include introductions by Ray Charles, Wayne Newton, Kiki Shepherd (Late Night at The Apollo) intro written by Carey Parish, Chicago DJ Louie Jones, Hank Robinson, Eric Marret, Pat Harvey (K-CAL 9 News) and others.  My favorite introduction is the one by Pat Harvey (K-CAL 9 News), she is such a professional.  Overall, this is the new Jazz CD to get for 2012. I’m highly recommending it to all Jazz lovers.  I know you will love the CD, so I provided her full chronology so you could get the others as well.

With many accomplishments already under her belt, Avis continues to inspire others; Avis’s advice to other artists is to “keep your dream alive and never give up.” Avis is a veteran performer of the arts.  She has been performing all her life. You also may remember that she not only sang with legendary Music Icons (Wayne Newton and Ray Charles) but Avis started her career as part of the sensational R&B trio “The Fawns” from Washington, DC whose music was released by RCA Records.  Fans continue to support her not only for her great choice of music but for her dedication to the arts as a performer and artist.  I bet you didn’t know this about Avis, get this – she can really cook ya’ll and loves to eat!!  That’s right up my alley…When she has time, I’m gonna commission her to make me one of her famous meals.

I spoke with Avis recently before her upcoming promotional tour and she reiterated to me that she is very happy with the CD and that there is a song for everyone.  Avis hopes to schedule shows in the South Pacific as well as eventually Las Vegas.  In case you can’t make any of those performances, you can catch Avis perform locally here in California, where she will be appearing Live with The Jimmy McConnell Orchestra at The Paladino Club for several dates.Jazz Cover Photo

Avis the former Beauty Queen, is currently filming a new video for this CD project and will be performing all around the world to promote it – so stay on the look out for her new music CD along with all her other projects online at CDBABY.COM.  Introducing Avis! “Live Jazz Festivals Around the World” the new CD hits stores April 2012!!  Get your copy today at her CDBABY page,  This is a must for any Jazz enthusiast and a project that all music lovers will fall in love with, because she is “Simply Amazing.”

1.  The Way You Look Tonight
2.  The Song is You
3.  Fly Me To The Moon
4.  Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
5.  At Last
6.  Deedless Blues
7.  Bewitched Bother & Bewildered
8.  All The Way
9.  Travlin’ Blues
10.  God Bless The Child
11. Just Found Out About Love
12.  No Time to Blame
13.  Everybody I have The Blues
14.  Thou Swell

Purchase Other CDs Projects by Avis Harrell:
Self Contained (2006)
A Tribute Dedicated to Our Troops (2008)
No Time to Blame – A Song For Haiti Earthquake Victims (2010)
Simply Amazing (2011)

All works Reserved – Copyright – Avis Harrell/AAH Number 1 Music Entertainment
All music written, produced, recorded by Avis Harrell, except where noted
All photos are copyright by their owners

THANK YOU! First my thanks to God. I can never accomplish any of these things or live my dreams without your love.  Thanks to family, friends and musicians for your patience and talent. I love you!
~Avis Harrell


AAH Number One Music Entertainment
(213) 563-7510

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The word is out all over town about the official launch party for THECASTINGDIRECTOR.COM.’s (“TCD”) party was hosted by its executive Michael Valentino, who was on hand to greet his fellow actors on the Red Carpet in true Hollywood style.  If you missed the party chances are you will be seeing many of the photos from the many attendees as they celebrated this major event for the organization (“TCD”). The party took place at Busby’s East in Los Angeles before a croud of at least a thousand or more, and IT WAS FAN-TAB-U-LOUS!!

Actors/Actresses from all around Hollywood came to attend this special event for TCD. The music was great, the atmostphere was great, everyone was positive as they partied the night on until closing.  No headshots were needed to get into this party, just an RSVP.  Guests wined and dined on appetizers and their favorite alcoholic drinks as they shimmied across the dance floor like they were rehearsing to be contestants on “Dancing With The Stars.”  If that wasn’t enough, I was right behind them keeping the party going. For a minute I thought I was still on Soul Train!

This was a special treat for many young actors as they inched their way closer and closer to the Red Carpet. A few carefully selected media outlets were allowed to get inside, but not many. The place was packed from wall to wall with well dressed actors along with some familiar faces. As I sqeezed my way back and forth through the crowd, I noticed some notable TV actors and music artists that I didn’t expect to see.

You could tell everyone had a ball! It was definitely the best party I had been invited to in a long while.  I met some cool actor friends (see below) who have worked on some really great projects in the past.  That was a treat!!

Ashley Kelly and Michelle Attend Launch Party

Ashley Kelly and Michelle Attend Launch Party

There was a raffle and door prizes plus probably the best dance music out today that made you want to dance.  I finally ran into to Michael Valentino, the host of the evening. He was gracious and kind as always. He was running around as usual being in charge trying to keep everyone happy. That was the first time I had seen him dressed all up in a tuxedo…ladies “he was hot” check out his picture. I just had to get a photo with him on his special night.

Michelle Stevenson, Mike Valentino attend Launch Party

Michelle Stevenson, Mike Valentino attend Launch Party

Attending events such as this one is especially exicting for me because I’m always sure I’ll run into someone I already know.  This night was no different. I ran into a friend that I took acting classes with last year, actor Pierre Dulat. Wow, that was a surprise. He remembered me.

Pierre is not only an actor, he is a model too and producer as well.  Pierre was the most popular guy in class, he’s charming, good looking and really knows how to treat the ladies. His accent ain’t bad either.  You can see the many photos of Pierre and see how photogenic he is. It was good seeing him in action. Check him out on the Red Carpet.

Pierre Dulat attends Launch Party

Pierre Dulat attends Launch Party

Then I had the honor of meeting some new people who were just as kind and easy to talk to. Since we are all actors we had so many things to talk about. One in particular was that everyone was having a great time and loved being their. The place was magnificant.
The DJ was really working the music and the bar was out of sight. Actress Ashley Chatman was in the house along with her sister Trina Johnson. I believe  it was their first time attending a real Hollywood event and they were excited to be in there. Ashley is a multi-talented young rising actress and producer.

Ashley Chatman, Actress

Ashley Chatman, Actress

Ashley with Sister Trina Johnson

Ashley with Sister Trina Johnson

She has created her webshow where she plays different characters. I saw one episode yesterday and I was laughing so hard…by the way, she has a beautiful English accent, (who’d have known). On top of all that, standing next to her was Actress Kelly Jean Clair (her works include Law and Order, The Bold and the Beautiful, Scrubs, Criminal Minds, and others). I got a chance to chat with Kelly, who had a little extra time before the next day’s call time, so she decided to stop by the party to say hello to Michael. She enjoyed the evening as well stating, “this is my first time going to one of Mike’s events, and I’m glad I did.” Kelly’s page is linked below for a list of her other projects.

Kelly Jean Clair

Kelly Jean Clair

Then finally, I met a rising actress Rachelle Schreiber, who just recently completed the project, “Holy Sh*t”, a short film  directed by Marcos Vaz. Rachelle is not only an actress she but an astrologist. She looked at me and in less than 5 minutes she had me figured out!  She new my zodiac sign and could tell me things about myself that I never reveal. That was so unreal.  She had so much positive engery she kept me entertained the entire evening. What a beautiful lady. She has many more projects coming out this year so stay tunned. I was able to get a quick photo of Rachelle before the evening ended.

Rachelle Schreiber, Actress

Rachelle Schreiber, Actress

I met so many people at the party but can’t include everyone in this post. Maybe next time.  I hope to see everyone again real soon.

So for those who missed out on all the Hollywood fun at TCD’s launch party; you can check out the video clip of all of having a great time at the party and on the red carpet.
Enjoy. thecastingdirectorVID_0003

(taken from their website) was founded in 2006 as a means to report and expose scams within the entertainment industry. (“TCD”) has one simple mission and that is to give actors a fair shot at success.

In 2009, TCD re-launched with an additional focus of connecting actors with those that have the power to hire them: casting directors, producers, directors, and credible industry professionals that DO NOT participate in paid casting director workshops. This is a major plus.

They offer FREE TRAINING, FREE HEADSHOTS (every 4 weeks) to all members and they even have what they call “Mock Auditions” all for only a few bucks a month. It’s practically unheard of in the industry. “Mocks” take place so that members can polish their audition skills. You also get a copy of your work. How cool is that?  Mike states that “if you can’t afford acting classes, then Mocks are the next best thing. This is it guys; TCD is the real deal!!!

Take control of your career, start today and join THECASTINGDIRECTOR.COM.  I joined
last year and oh boy….I have gotten so many auditions through them its an absolute miracle.  I have also received many call-backs prior to booking. This is the service you want to have, especially if you are in the beginning of your career. You just can’t beat it. Good Luck!!

The evening would not have been a success without the help of’s partners:

1. Byron Beane
2. Amy McDonald
3. James Tucker
4. The Entire Staff at TCD and its Members!!

Marley Coffee|
Blue Tiger Coffee
Visionary Branding

SOURCES: 818.782.2277
Rachelle Roel Schreiber:
Ashley Chatman
Ashley on Youtube:
Kelly Jean Clair:
Contact: (213) 563-7510

Bonus: Here is my official RedCarpet Photo for you!!

Michelle Stevenson 2012

Michelle Stevenson attend Launch Party 2012

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Beverly Hills/Hollywood Chapter of NAACP & AFTRA Entertainment Partnership

Bringing those in the Background ….Forward

This week there was a special night at the AFTRA headquarters in Los Angeles.  Local AFTRA members attended a very special presentation panel of professional performers who have outstanding careers in Hollywood. Chances are you’ve heard their names or seen their faces before, but didn’t quite know where to place them …whether it was on set, in a movie, your favorite song, a commercial, a magazine and the like.  None-the-less these performers remain somewhere in the back of your mind in until tonight. The presentation was conducted by the Beverly Hills/Hollywood Branch of NAACP and AFTRA to a packed crowd.  I want to personally thank both of these organizations for recognizing these highy deserving professionals who are at the TOP of their game in the entertainment industry.

The panel was put together with these particular performers so that union members could get an indepth look inside their careers so that members could see what its like
working in Hollywood from their perspective.  Gaining insight from seasoned career professionals who have maintained successful careers as performers and who are currently working in the industry was indeed an honor.  Even though the panelists are not house hold names, they are true career stars and tonight was their night to shine.  Most often they are the ones who are standing next to the major stars in a movie, or TV show etc. They reign supreme behind the scenes and more often than not, they help put it all together. Most of the panelists have completed work you have seen or heard on the big screen, tv, or recording.  Many of their works helped earn Hollywood millions of dollars and
have garnered them “silent fame” as i like to say, because these panelist contributed to some of the greatest performances and memories of entertainment history.

Moderated by Sharon Ferguson the evening’s panel included Milo Edwards, Sandy Gimpel, Iona Morris, Mirron Willis and siblings Juia, Maxine and Oren Waters (“The Waters”); most of whom have worked with major stars like Willis, Jackson, Leachman, Michael Jackson, Neil Diamond; TV shows, Star Trek, ER, Criminal Minds, Monk, Martin, Seinfeld,
and movies like Avataar, famous records, commercials etc., famous books etc. …. (see sample list below).  See below for complete list of their career highlights.

The Waters Family

The Waters Family

The first thing that came to my mind was, “Where will such an event take place?” because you know AFTER has several thousand members, then it was “How many people do they expect will participate? Where will we sit? Well on the night February 28, I sure found out.
The house was packed!

I guess everybody was just as excited just like I was to find out what these entertainment legends (in their own right) would have to say about their experiences in working with Hollywood elite. It reminded me of another panel event that took place not long ago with some other famous Hollywood stars put on by SAG (see my previous post).

Iona Morris


Sandy Gimpel

If you are an actor, singer, dancer, voice-over artist, or any other enterainer getting their feet wet, then this was the event for you. All the panel members had busy schedules but
were gracious enough to give their time by participating in this panel discussion. They answered many questions about the industry and provided great insight and good advice to all of us.

Milo Edwards

Lots of exuberant AFTRA & NAACP members listened closely as they gained lots of knowledge as the evening went.  It was an evening full of fun. Everyone walked away with some good information about Hollywood and where to go from here with their careers. That was great.  A young actress (about 10 years old) NeeNee – she even got Oren Waters to agree to be her mentor. That was pretty special. How often does that happen?

The evening was about getting that “hard to find info” you couldn’t get before.  You can’t buy it at the store and you certainly can’t read it in a book. The industry is changing too rapidly.  It really means a lot to hear experienced professionals give their take on what’s really going on behind the scene and how we can be a part of it…

Mirron Willis

Milo Edwards stated he got his start in Hollywood by working with Robert Townsend, suggested calling Central Casting to begin working as a stand-in/rehearsal actor.
On the panel was actress, producer, writer, director Iona Morris.  Iona Morris has spent her entire life as an entertainer.  She started her career in theater and she swears by it. She states, “It’s a must.” She said that anyone who wants to get into voice-over work should study with at least 2 good people or take at least 3 classes that will give you a rounded perspective. She also teaches 1-woman shows so you can contact
her about that.

Hollywood’s favorite stuntwoman Sandy Gimpel was on the panel as well. Sandy’s career resume boasts over 100 films/tv credits to her name, also is the first woman to receive her directing credentials with the DGA. Sandy gave some motiviation by telling the members, “There will be times when people will challenge you, but you can’t let them stop you from achieving your goal.” Being told “No” was the cornerstone to her success.  (Sandy remarked on an instance where she was continually challenged by one of her mentors, Billy Blanks); He at first told her she’ll never get it, but she fooled him, she not only received her Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, but she went on and gained other notible recognition in her industry and still teaches today. 

For singers who want to make an impact on the industry, Consuelo Flores was on hand and she mentioned taking the “sight singing classes” by Gerald White offered By AFTRA. Check the weekly notifications they will be posted as to when the classes will be held. There you will be working with other singers who are at the same level as you and you can begining to network and build your list of industry contacts. Who knows what tomorrow will hold. Get started today.

Being a member of the Waters Family, was quite a treat for the siblings. They grew up in a home where there was music all around. Aside from singing the church, their
home life proved to be the foundation for all their success. Collectively they have a 40 year history and experience working in music business. Oren was quite excited when he recalled the times when he and his sisters would just sing, and sing, and sing some more during their late night recording sessions.  He says that if you intend on becoming a true professional, beware, because its a real business and there is no time to tired or sick or tired if you plan on succeeding, you do the job at any cost.  One of his first gigs was getting hired on The Righteous Brothers record “You Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” for a
mere $20.  From then on there the rest is history. You can check out some of the most notable works (list below) or for a complete list of recordings that feature them. My favorite part of the night was watching Oren get and “tell it like it really happened” – guess you had to be there.

I always wanted to do a little narration of some kind. I enjoyed doing the little character voices and creating different sounds, so I attended one of the seminars from SAG to learn how to get into the feild. When Mirron was talking about his work as a narrator I just beamed. You gotta here him speak, his voice is really dynamic. He was commenting on how to get your own studio up and running so you can start your career.  He says there is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it.

Final thoughts: All of the panelists agreed that in order to succeed, you must be “PREPARED ALWAYS AND STAY FOCUSED.” So if you need to take classes, rehearse, train, study, do whatever it is that necessary in order to get ready for the next step in your career, remember Hollywood could be calling!!

Event Panelists: Career Highlights
Mirron Willis – Actor, Famed book narrator
My song, a memoir by Harry Belafonte,
CrossroadS and Links by Nurradin Farah,
Prince (Biography)
ICE, a memoir by Ice T
Freedom Riders,
Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Souls of Black Folk by Peter Manseau
Songs for the Butcher’s Daughter by Peter Manseau

Earphones Awardss for Elijah of Buxton (2009 Odyssey Honor)
The Translator, Sag Harbor, Magic Street, King of Ragtime (2009 Best Voices)
The Long Fall by Walter Mosley (BookList, Best of 2009)
2011 Audie Nomination for Raisin in the Sun
2011 Audie Nomination for Williams’ Leap to Freedom

TV/Film Credits:
The Exes (TV Land)
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior (CBS)
Monk, E.R., Martin, Seinfeld and
Indepdence Day (studio)

Iona Morris – Actress, Writer, Playright, Director, Singer, Producer
“Untitled Project” Cedric The Entertainment/Pilot (TV Land) – currently
Law & Order (Guest Star)
L.A. Cold Case
Lincoln Heights
The Sheild
As The World Turns (recurring)
General Hospital
The District

THEATER (M.O.I.S.T.) Actress and Writer with Mariann Aalda
Cuttin’ Up
As Bees In Honey Drown
Piano Lesson
Blues for an Alabama Sky
One-Woman Show “For You” where she plays her father “Greg Morris” from 70’s TV series Mission Impossible

Sandy Gimpel – Career Stuntwoman, Stunt Coordinator, Dancer,
Lost in Space
Dancer – Elvis Presley, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire

Women In Film
Stuntwomen’s Association

Crystal Lucy Awards (WIF) Outstanding Achievement as Stunt Coordinator,
2nd Unit Director
4th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

Milo Edwards – Professional “Rehearsal Actor”, Author, Motivational Speaker,
Life Coach
AFTRA Local Board Member
Co-Chair of EEOC Committee (6 years)
Co-Chair Rehearsal Actors Committee

All Awards Shows, Sitcoms and Dramas as Rehearsal Actor
Book: Enjoying A Better You – Author

JULIA, MAXINE AND OREN WATERS “The Waters” –  Professional Session/Background Vocalists
contributions: Hundresds of Gold and Platinum Recordings (TV and Film)
Entertainment Industry’s Leading singing professionals

TV/FILM (LION KING, FAME, AVATAR, The Jeffersons (theme song), etc.

The Beverly Hills/Hollywood Branch NAACP is the “Keeper of the Image” supporting positive images of African Americans.

has over 70,000 professional performers in all areas including, actors, broadcastes,
singers, dancers, announcers, hosts, comedians, hosts, djs, (includes mediums TV, radio, cable, sound recordings, music videos, commercials, industrials, interacive games, internet, and other digital media.

NAACP President Ron Hasson was on hand and presented each performer with a well deserved official Certificate of Accomplishment. Thanks Ron.

Thanks for reading.

Sandy Gimpel (
Mirron Willis (
Contact: (213) 536-7510

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Soul Train Dancers Celebrate Legacy of Don Cornelius 2012

Soul Train Dancers Celebrate the Legacy of Donald Cornelius


People All Over the World Celebrate
an American Icon and Entertainment Legend

By now, the whole world knows about the recent passing of TV legend Don Cornelius. America has lost another entertainment Icon. Though we have lost many Ions recently (Whitney Houston, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Liz Taylor, Etta James, Nick Ashford) and many other legendary performers who recently passed including Amy Winehouse, David Peiston, Vesta Williams, Davey Jones, etc, this post will pertain to Don Cornelius.

I hesitated several times before writing this particular post because first, it was too personal; and second because there have been so many other stories written recently about his passing, some speculation and some that were not even worth the reading. Most of the articles I read just simply stated he created Soul Train, he was a DJ, he branched off
to create a few other shows and he was deathly ill, and then finally he killed himself.
Well I don’t think they even cared enough to really do a little research about who Don really was.

If you were present at the recent memorial service held to celebrate his home-going, you would have gotten a good sense of what he was really about as a human being. Yes, its true he did create a phenominal peice of work that will never die. For generations to
come he will always be remembered for that. If you were someone that worked with him on one of his shows, were employed by him, or were someone he grew up with, you knew there was much more to him than that which was told. If you were on the outside looking in, you only had a glimpse of who he was and you only got to see what the media provided.

Someone mentioned to me during Don’s memorial service celebration,
that “had he known” how much he was loved by so many, things probably wouldn’t have ended the way they did. I won’t speculate about what would or would not have happened,  but I can tell you this for sure; Cornelius received lots of love and support from millions of fans from around the world. Millions of fans and well wishers (different races, different genders) from around the world left condolences to the family including the major sites,,,, VH1, SoulTrainDancersReunion/Alumni ( and thousands more.

Among his many Fans are the Soul Train Dancers. The Soul Train Dancers were and are his biggest supporters. Upon learning of his death many of the dancers took to their Facebook pages and expressed disbelief, shock and sadness.  We chatted for hours about how much Don meant to us and what it was like being on set with him and working with him show after show. I can hear him now calling out to the production staff “Okay where are the dancers” and we’d come running :). Well those were the days. We joked about Don’s many hairstyles and his sense of calmness, (we never knew what he was thinking) the way he talked, his deep voice, and anything we could think of just to take us back to the moment – one last time, (as only we can do).   He made us laugh on many occaisions and kept us on our toes until the end of the show was over, as only he can do. Most importantly Don showed us how to be true professionals and prepared us for Hollywood.  As for the many many other experiences that took place while on the show, specifically when Don was hosting, well I won’t go into detail but I will say this, you just had to be there. He will forever be missed.

As a former Soul Train Dancer I attended the memorial service along with hundreds of other dancers. We were united once more to say goodbye to our creator.  We witnessed the final tribute and farewell celebration from his close friends, entertainers, family members, colleages and media.  What a beautiful ceremony.  Im’ sure he would be proud. Some of mainstream media saw Don as this rich black man from chicago who came to fame by creating a hit TV show that captivated America. The fact that he was able to capitalize off of it at a time when nobody else could was a miracle. They saw him as someone who only knew about Black music and the black artist culture….. But to us he was simply “Don.”

There were many speakers who took the stage to leave their final thoughts about their freind Don Cornelius.  They gave their final thoughs about him and shared
what he meant to them and they talked about his impact on the world. Among them was longtime colleague and producer Pam Brown Bryant. Pam Brown Bryant, as you may already know, is one of the first staff members Don Cornelius Productions hired for his hit show Soul Train.  Pam was very instrumental in developing a professional environment for the show and assisting Don in many aspects of production where ever needed.

Pam Brown

Pam Brown

Specifically, year after year she kept the dancers in line and she worked tirelessly to keep the show’s clean image upheld by screening the dancers and making sure everyone presented themselves ready for camera. If anyone didn’t wear the proper wardrobe, had gum in their mouths, had an significant issue, there was Pam right their fixing and resolving the problem. Pam worked on the production of Soul Train since day 1 and had remained a part of the production staff until programming ended, which is more than 30 years.  Pam was very happy to be asked to speak at Don’s service. She considered it an honor. Pam consideres her experience working so closely with Don and the dancers through years and life long and tremendous learning experience that cannot be compared to anything else.

Sharon Hill Keedah Michelle Stevenson

Sharon Keedah and Michelle Attend Celebration

Pam was gracious enough to enlighten the audience about her memories of working with Don through the years. I can’t believe she remembered all that stuff. She went on to say how Don cared deeply for the show and for all those who worked with him year after year to make it a success, including the Soul Train Dancers, the makeup artist, crew members, talent coordinators, the hundreds of performers, his office staff and other media outlets and colleagues that he grew to know whom supported him.

I especially appreciated the fact that she spoke so fondly of the Dancers, it was really beautiful to be referred to as “part of the Soul Train Family.”

Even though the show has not yet returned to the air (though I’m told its in the works), the original Soul Train Dancers and friends showed to pay tribute to Don
the best way they know how, by Dancing their butts off!! Some gathered at Mavericks Flatt a popular location after the tapings where the dancers would hand out during the 1970s located on Crenshaw Boulevard in LA. Some gathered at Venice Beach, CA a week later for an impromtu performance in front of thousands of adoring fans.

Soul Train Gang - Venice Beach, CA -2012

Soul Train Gang - Venice Beach, CA -2012

Que Sally Michelle attend Dance Tribute

Que Sally Michelle attend Dance Tribute

(see video)

The last time I saw Don cornelius was October 16, 2010. We were all attending a private birthday party for his good friend Glodeen White. You may remember Glodeen spoke at the Memorial giving a wonderful Goodbye to Don as well. Don was jovial, excited, happy and looking sharp and well dressed as he always did. Of course Tony was close behind making sure he was taken care of and comfortable. When I saw him I rushed over
to him and told him I never got my photo with him while dancing on the show all those years…and asked if I could get my shot? he just smiled and said YES..I was happy…so Damita got her camera phone out and snapped right away..he thanked me and then I told him – thanks I gotta get something to eat now…he was really happy that night. That’s how I will always remember him.

Pictured here is Don with some of the other dancers. Please check back often as this post will continue to be updated with more pictures. Tyrone and Don

Don was a giant in the world of Television Entertainment. Don Cornelius gave us
(the “Soul Train Dancers”) a platform where we could showcase our skills and talents
as performers to the world when the rest of the industry would not.  He created a
gold mind and showed us the path for greatness and how to be quality entertainers.
He allowed us the freedom to create. He gave us OPPORTUNITY when nobody would.
He gave us the ingredients for a successful career in entertainment. He showed us
how to “Brand” ourselves so everyone would remember us no matter where we go
for years to come.  He gave the world a lot of entertainment LOVE, and from the
bottom of my SOUL I hope he forever rests in PEACE.

THANK YOU for everything Don Cornelius, you did an awesome job and left us with much more than you could ever imagine.

Our sincerest condolences are extended to the family and friends of Don Cornelius.

Most Noteable Accomplishments:
Before they were BIG stars, they all danced on Soul Train:

Jeffery Daniel (Shalmar)
Jody Watley (Grammy Winner, Shalamar)
Vivica A. Fox (Actress, Producer)
Micki Howard (Singer)
Donna Allen (Singer)
Carmen Electra (Actress)
Kym Whitley (Actress, Comedian)
Nick Cannon (Actor, Comedian, TV Host, Producer)
Aliyah (Actress, Singer)
Walter Payton (Football Star)
(Rosie Perez (Academy Award Nominee, Actress, choreographer)
The Soul Train Dancers
and Hundreds more

(213) 536-7510

*All photos are the copyrights of their respective owners.

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Plus SuperStar Performances

There is no doubt that the hottest topic on the Internet is the ceremony honoring Michael Jackson.  Well our beloved King of Pop, Michael Jackson has thrilled the world once again, by being forever immortalized now for the entire world to see and experience. In case you are tired of hearing the stories about this event, there is one more – since I am the self-proclaimed (of course) biggest fan, I could not let this week go by without taking time to let everybody know my thoughts on the event.

Grauman's Chinese Theater

Michael's Family and Friends Attend Grauman Theater Event, January 26, 2012

The Ceremony

The immortalization ceremony of The King of Pop – MICHAEL JACKSON – took place on Thursday January 26, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. just outside the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre located just at Hollywood & Highland Boulevards in Hollywood/Los Angeles, CA before thousands of media outlets and over a million plus fans from around the world.

Michael's Children Honor him at Grauman's

Prince Michael, Blanet and Paris Michael Katherine honor their Dad Michael Jackson 1-26-12

The celebration started with lots of friends and business associates of Michael throughout his career who paid tribute to him by speaking on why they believe him to be the most important figure in entertainment.  They also stated their feelings on why it was very important for the world to see such an event.  I’m glad the estate of MJ gave permission for anyone to rebroadcast the event; it was truly special. Many big name celebs came out to participate and honor Michael (including Quincy Jones, Justin Beiber, Chris Tucker, John Branca, Debbie Allen, Smokey Robinson, Harry Shum, Jr. (from the Cast of Glee, etc.) and of course his family and children and the many, many performers.

Michael Jackson's FootPrints and Handprints, Glove Prints

Shortly after the guests spoke the children began to do the actual imprinting of Michael’s Shoes as “foot prints” and his famous million dollar “rhinestoned sequined glove” as his “hand print” into the cemented slab.  Shortly afterwards all three children were able to leave their handprints next to their dad’s.  This was indeed history.  I’m so thrilled I got a chance to attend especially since this was last minute notice. It was a fan’s dream, aside from meeting Michael in person of course.

The Show/The Performances

This show was hosted by Billy Bush of Access Hollywood.  Of course I know its been on the news already, but the short program was awesome!!!  Really well planned and organized.   Among some of my favorite performances, were vocalist, Melanie Fiona, Superstar choreographer/producer/director Debbie Allen’s Dance Group, Los Angeles Choir, (sorry I forgot their name) and Hit Tour Sensation dance act honoring Michael, the “Cirque du Soleil” performers. Though they only performed one number, believe me when I say this, it was spectacular….it was like brining “THIS IS IT” Live right to your front door step.

Melanie Fiona sings live performance Pays Tribute to King of Pop

Melanie Fiona sining live to pay tribute to Michael - sings "I'll Be There"

The Tour opens this week in LA, but since the ticket price was too steep for me, this was my reward.

SuperFans Attend and Celebrate Michael

Matilda Harris is one of the biggest Michael Jackson fans I know. I met her and a few more fans a few years ago when “This Is It” was being organized.  We have become really good Michael Jackson Fan friends these past few years. As you can see from the pictures, there are so many fans all over the world. Every event, we seem to run into each other and celebrate the life of Michael Jackson. It’s wonderful.

Michael will forever be remembered and now forever immortalized. Check out my video for a glimpse of the highlights.  I included some pics from me and my friends, the media, etc. as well.


Michael Jackson Fans Matilda Harris and Friends

Michael Jackson Fans Matilda Harris and Friends

Thanks for reading.


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BILLBOARD.COM October 12, 2011 Summer Bowout Dreamseekers Showcase Concert at The Roxy – Concert Review

BILLBOARD.COM October 12, 2011 Summer Bowout Dreamseekers Concert at The Roxy on Sunset Boulevard – Concert Review – With Special Guest Host: Mark McGrath

Mark McGrath - Host of Concert

Billboard Musical Guest Performances by
Gentlemen Hall
Shinobi Ninja
Hank & Cupcakes

On October 12, Billboard teamed with Chevy in West Los Angeles/Hollywood for the last stop on the tour with special guest performers Shinobi Ninja (“SN”), (Billboard’s Battle of the Bands winner) Gentlemen Hall (“GH”) and LA’s own Hank & Cupcakes. The concert took place on Wednesday night, October 12, 2011 for the third event at The Roxy in West Hollywood, CA as Billboard’s Dreamseeker Showcase. The concert series showcased the best and most promising bands in music today. This special event held at the famous “Roxy Theatre” on Sunset Boulevard, brings together the top up-and-coming talent from around the country for one incredible Sunset Strip showcase. The red-carpet and media was out in full force. The night was great!! There was standing room only and I was lucky enough to get into the event without any problems. As a bonus the event was hosted by mega singing star Mark McGrath lead singer of the hit group Sugar Ray; the Dreamseekers show was free and open to anyone 18 years and older. Thanks to Billboard for getting the word out about this event!!

Hank & Cupcakes:

The show was a huge success, but I’m sorry to report that I missed the performance by “Hank & Cupcakes” due to parking issues, I heard they put on quite a show. I checked out their new video, and its pretty interesting.. vocals sound like Gaga, but what I can say is that “You Can’t tell them they “don’t” have a hit!! The video boasts body paint covered artists along with the Gaga-esk flavor but at least its intriguing. It will keep you interested. See for yourself definitely worth a listen.

Hank & Cupcakes

Hank & Cupcakes

However I was able to catch, “Gentlemen Hall” who was the big act of the night and “Shinobi Ninja”, who managed to set the crowd on fire. Both groups have a huge following, and I noticed that Gentlemen Hall had their famous friend, Celebrity music host Downtown Julie Brown interview them for a segment of her entertainment program. As I squeezed my way through the crowd, I noticed she enjoyed the show.


All I can say is that to be honest with you before that night, I had never heard of them. But I can tell you this….once the music started they reminded me of the days during the 80s and 90s when I used to groove to the music Phil Collins and Journey….etc. Well I won’t mention too many more groups because then you’ll be able to guess my age (LOL).. ..Anyway, I thought that their music was really emotional and meaningful and easy to groove to. Band members Cobi and Seth sat and chatted with Downtown Julie Brown and spoke in depth about their music and what they have to offer their many fans. GH was even gracious enough to give out CDs of their latest music to the hundreds of adoring fans who filled The Roxy. I got my copy that night and have been listening to it ever since.

Cobi and Seth with Downtown Julie Brown

Cobi and Seth with Downtown Julie Brown

They remind me of groups like “Creed” that is the lead vocals on “Gravity….bones” good writing by the way to. With cool writing and many more spectacular performances like the one they gave on that night…will surely get them in the headlines…I love to see how the fans interacted with their every verse. Again, as I said before, “their performance” is the key here ….along with great “sounding” singing voices and purely magical delivery will win the crowd over every time; not to mention great music and “good looks” that the stuff girls like you know??….some times musicians look angry when they perform; not GH…. they did a great job at showing us that they loved what they were doing…and believe me it showed in their performance. This all made for a great show!!!

Gentlemen Hall

Gentlemen Hall

One thing I really like in their music is that all the songs are musically relatable to “todays” music scene…so anyone who is a fan of music will enjoy the show and they made it easy to sing right along.. I found myself singing, having only learned the lyrics that night. Especially with songs like “Take Me Under” you will be sining along all night long. ….Love these guys…keep singing…Thank you Billboard for bringing this new energy to the music scene….I want to see more of them in the future…

Tracks listed on the “When We All Disappear” CD include:
1. Gravity Will Break Our Bones
2. All Our Love
3. Close to Me
4. Tame The Beast
5. Take Me Under
6. Blush

Music Written and Produced By: Gentlemen Hall/Michael Seifert
Co-Producer – Dan Shea
Additional Production – Adam Korbesmeyer
Mixed by: Tony Maserati/Two Chord Music, Inc.


Secondly, but not least the evening’s third sensational act got a chance to shine on stage and the audience was waiting for them…they took to the stage and with a loud bang they embraced us with an impressive show. Shinobi Ninja – is their name and in case you haven’t heard of them – you spell it S H I N O B I…N I N J A. Their music is a little bit of this and little bit of that, if you will. I can’t really put it into words or a specific category but what I will say is that “SN” has something that no band on the scene today has very much of…and that’s “PURE MUSICAL/PERFORMANCE GENIUS.” Their sound encompasses “Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, with a flare for R&B” like I’ve never heard before. They found a way to mesmerize you without you knowing it and as you’re in the tranz you suddenly get taken in and through no fault of theirs “you’re hooked” – – – that’s what I call genius.

Their powerful musical set came after an already great performance by GH. The band members ( I apologize, I didn’t get their names,) knew just what song to get the party going….doing their rendition of some of today’s hot R&B songs. The hot sexy chick danced across the stage with her leopard bottoms on as her partner handled singing and rapping along with the gracious uptempo DJ and band members. Both lead singers of SN know just how to keep it Hood as the audience “head banged” through each song with them until the night was over. So if you like “real” hardcore gutsy head banging music, I say to you Give Me My Soul, Give Me My Rock, Give Me My Hip-Hop, Give Me My Funk and most importantly Give Me My Shinobi Ninja.” They are the ultimate “HEAD BANGER” MUSIC GROUP who will no doubt be jumping up and down on the Billboard charts very soon.

Shinobi Ninja

Shinobi Ninja

This video shows them in action on that night; check out all their great “shoes” you gotta love them….I just love how it expresses the essence of their musical style. Though I was standing off to the side and even if you were standing anywhere near the front, you left feeling like you’d been at a two hour Rock/Metal/Hip-Hop concert. If you missed it, check out some footage I was able to get before the night was over. I look forward to seeing more of SN on the Billboard charts in the coming months. (video)

Roxy Theatre
9009 West Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069

If you would like MS Entertainment to attend your next event, just let us know, contact us: (323) 386-2379. Until next time……

Photos courtesy:,

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JASON DERULO “FUTURE HISTORY” Album Release Party 2011 Review

Jason Derulo “Future History” Album Release Party 2011 Review
By MS Entertainment

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo

I recently attended the Album Release Party of Beluga Heights/Warner Brothers Records R&B/Pop-recording artist JASON DERULO, which took place at the Hard Rock Cafe at the Hollywood & Highland complex in the heart of Hollywood, CA. The party celebrates the release of his hit sophomore project, “Future History.”

Jason Derulo

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get in because I had heard beforehand that he was very popular among the younger female crowd and that KIIS FM (Hollywood, CA) would be the host of the event. We all know how much impact KIIS FM has on its listeners. They are prominent in the radio and music business and have been so for quite some time now. Their listening audience has millions last time I checked and they are a favorite for putting on entertainment events such as this one.

Well when I arrived I was greeted by staff members of the Hard Rock Cafe who were both friendly and passionate about making their guests comfortable. I asked if I was at the right place for the Album Release Party for Jason Derulo, because at first I didn’t see anyone. Then I walked further through the lobby and into restaurant area and that’s when I saw the big posters and stage already set up. There were hundreds of people standing in line waiting for the young music dance star.

I accidently sat in the VIP section and was promptly asked to move. Can you believe that; don’t they know who I am…. Oh well, guess these days you gotta know somebody on the inside. By the time I arrived, they had already passed out all the free hors d’oeuvres and goodies to the early-birds. That’s what I get for taking my sweet time, LOL… It was okay, so I quickly got something from the Hard Rock Cafe menu. BTW, the service was great…I got a great seat and my food came in about 2 minutes. The KISS FM DJ was on hand to pump up the crowd as only they can do. The music was pumping and everyone had lots of energy in the room.

What happened next was totally unexpected.

Jason Derulo Performs “LIVE”

In the middle of my first bite of baked potato skins covered with bacon bits and sour cream (yum yum), the music stopped and the DJ came to the middle of the stage. As I turned around to see what was going on (I was so mad, I couldn’t see a damn thing because by then there were so many people in the audience (mostly standing room)) as I sat down chewing away, somebody tapped me on the shoulder… talking about is this seat taken? I told them “no.” Of course they sat right in my way and by then I really really couldn’t see anything ….. So I jumped up and screamed for people to move but it was too late …the music had started and the KIIS-FM DJ had already began to introduce Jason. When I looked up he was just walking in with his dancers and entourage behind him and hundreds of screaming fans yelled for him to take the stage…they were yelling so loud it was right in my ear… almost made me choke on my food!! DERULO-ALBUM2

Seconds later he took to the stage and danced and sang his little black butt off!! I have to say “he looks much better in person.” He performed LIVE in front of what looked to be least 300-400 screaming fans that KIIS FM had brought in the house. The sound was pretty good and the performance was simply “spectacular.” When it comes to dancing…I have to give him two “pumps up” for his ability to “clean the floor.” For those who don’t know what that means, its my new dance phrase, that means “the person(s)/dancer(s) is/are able to step to the stage and cover all areas of the dance floor with his/her dance moves without (“you”), the audience even knowing they’ve done it. In in the end, all you know is you’ve seen a great show!!! The other thing I like about some of the new dancers (and Jason) or should I say [JA..SON….DA…RU..LOOOO……] (you gotta get the album, songs 1, 7, 10) to know what I’m talkin’ about) is that they are not afraid to be daring and creative when it comes to performance and giving you something new. You will often seen performers copy one or two historic dance moves from legends like James Brown or Michel Jackson; (i.e. the moon-walk or the leg shake) I mean we all do that, but the real test is can you take what they gave you and come up with something new and innovative, and make it “yours?”

Jason Derulo

The reviews are in, Derulo came off like a champ in this category and pulled it off somehow. It was nice and very effective with the crowd. The responded immediately with approval. I noticed he has great eye contact when he perform LIVE, so this makes him a sure thing for LIVE TOURS. If you got a chance to be there and witness it for yourself, then you know what I mean. Just think, I almost missed it!! If you missed it, no worries – I hear Jason is currently on tour throughout the UK and beyond, so check out his website if you are so inclined.

After the performance was over, they handed out his new album “Future History” and stayed on hand to autograph it for anyone who wanted it!! Plus they gave out a beautiful color poster, which I have hanging on my wall now for inspiration. Of course, I was the last one on stage to get mine… (what can I say, those potatoe skins were great!) then they whisked him out of there so he could attend another event. But I was able to get a clip of him signing autographs for the crowd. Check out the video. Jason’s current music videos and and album is now on sale at

Future History Album Artwork

I will come back later with a full album review. I’m off to my next event. But here is the track list for those of you who want to know what it includes. But you should definitely listen to it and I know you will be hooked – just like me! This is the perfect album for 2011/12 music dance/club-goers who stay in the mood to groove all night on the dance floor. This is your album. It’s also perfect for those who want great music to tune up their own dance moves to.
The Album “Future History” Track list
1. Don’t Wanna Go Home
2. It Girl
3. Breathing
4. Be Careful
5. Make It Up As We Go
6. Fight For You
7. Pick Up The Pieces
8. Givin’ Up
9. Bleed Out
10. That’s My Shhh
11. X
12. Dumb

Music Ratings
4 of 5

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